The story of Bronco Billy 🔗

Posted by Médéric Ribreux 🗓 In blog/Vie-courante/

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Cat was named Bronco Billy,
Living near supermarket lilies,
Inside a plastic box,
Behind plants, hidden by rocks.

He had no other place to go,
No family, no master to bow.
Only the plastic box,
In the bushes, hidden by rocks.

He was the king of this place,
Wandering between the buyers,
A big but sweet tiger,
He was setting his own pace.

When my cat disappeared one day,
I desperatly searched every alley,
One cold night of February,
I met this lost Bronco Billy.

After a few days, I had to go every night
Out under this supermarket pale lights,
Looking after him, giving him food
Comforting him, my pain less crude.

In the cold, the frozen winds,
The flickering lights, it was peaceful.
No other people than me
And this brave Bronco Billy.

Every night, he was waiting for me,
Inside the plastic box,
Filled with dirty linens,
His plate full of kibbles.

We were shivering beggars,
I sat on the concrete cold floor,
He was sleeping in my vest,
For as long as I could stay.

I gave him worms cure,
He gave me purr,
I gave him time,
He soften my pain.

One day, I finaly found how to name him.
He was brave but kind, always doing the show,
Seeking humans to treat him well.
Bronco Billy was his stage name.

As days go by, I tried to change
His condition. I tried to adopt him.
One night, I manage to catch him,
Put in a box for a trip to my home.

For three days I kept him in house.
Giving him all the attention that I could.
He found food, dry bed, wool and love.
I was such a fool to believe stay he could.

He escaped on the monday morning.
I searched him until I found
That he was going back
To this dirty plastic box.

I cried, full of tears for days.
After some weeks, I finally understood
That he had decided to remain free,
That nobody could be his master.
That he could not be a part of a family.

As long as I could, whenever I went
To this sad supermarket, I always
Looked for Bronco Billy;
Always joy whenever we met.
All my mistakes were forgiven.

With time, I came less often,
I started to forget about
This litlle dirty plastic box,
Still hidden by the plants, the rocks.
I was respecting his freedom will.

Came one day, I was determined
To give him a flea treatement.
But gone was the plastic box,
Nothing in the plants, the void in the rocks.
No trace of what we lived.

Bronco Billy was missing...
Either killed by a car,
Either adopted by a better guy.
Either gone elsewhere,
I will never know where.

Whenever to this supermarket I go,
I always think about you my Bronco.
I wish you all the love you can find.
I wish you found what you seeked.
And I'll never forget you...

Bronco Billy, the cat Bronco Billy the cat, sleeping home Bronco Billy, enjoying the sun