Please, welcome a new member of the family… 🔗

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It's been three months since we have adopted this beautiful little kitty. Her name is "Michoune" (with a french accent, of course).

Michoune 1 Michoune 2

She is very kind for a cat even if she's got some nerves. She should be approximatively 5 years old but her behaviour is much more a two years old cat because she is always playing with everything (chasing flies, hunting every cable, biting anything that rests on the floor, etc.).

The loss of mimi-pop has been very hard for us and it took me a lot of time before being able just to think about adopting a new cat. But finaly on march the 23th of the year 2019, we decided to go to the animal shelter in order to take a new cat with us. The choice had been really harsh and I believe that it took something like three hours to make a common decision.

But after all those discussions and three months at home, here she will stay with us and we are all really happy ! So, welcome Michoune…

Michoune 3 Michoune 4