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A very short article to talk about a very crappy Python script for downloading files from two host providers I sometimes use:

I have called it "py-dl" and it is downloadable on my personal forge.

I named it like youtube-dl because it shares the same purpose, but on files rather than on videos.

It does the job only for the two above mentionned providers. I have made some real tests and, well, after dowloading about one hundred files I can say that, for the moment, it does work!

There is also a Tor option to use whenever you want to stay anonymous. But you need an existing Tor node for that (and no, I will not take time to explain how you can configure it).

Please, read the README file for more explanations. And if you need more, just read the code!

The code is published "as is". I have used it for downloading some files during the COVID-19 lockdown and I certainly don't have the time to maintain it. It is very "fragile" because unsupported by the providers. Like Youtube for youtube-dl, they just have to do very few modifications to make py-dl inoperative.

Feel free to fork it!