RIP Kindle 3 🔗

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After about 7 years of thruthful service, I need a new e-reader!

My Kindle3 is dead. Well, It's only the screen that has been fractured. Perhaps too much compression on my bag:

RIP Kindle3

It has been really good to read books on it. The eInk screen was really soft for my eyes and with time, I finally got rid of nearly all of my physical books (I own now fewer than 30 paper books vs 250 ebooks).

This Kindle has never been connected to a Wifi Network because I was (and I am still) too much paranoid to use an operating system I don't have installed myself. It never prevents me to read books on it: I simply downloaded them on my main computer and pushed them on the device via USB.

What annoyed me the most was the library software from Amazon. It was really painful to navigate through my growing ebooks collection.

I jailbreaked it as soon as I got it. Unfortunately, I did very few hacks on it because there was (and it is still the case nowadays) not so much homebrew softwares for it. I think that the eInk screen is too much complicated to use as a true screen for an operating system.

Clearly I should have tried to install something like FBReader on it. If I got more free time, I may try to install Debian on it… after all, the main board is still working and I have kept the battery.

Until this moment, well, RIP eReader!