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Hello to you readers of my blog !

It's been a little less than one year since I have published my last blog article. Why so much time ?

Well, it is just because I am more involved in code than before and when you deal with code, it takes far much more of your free time to do things.

I am really proud of what I have achieved so far on the QGIS project even if it is not a perfect work. But look at what I have done:

And as a consequence, I have so few time to write things on my blog because QGIS consumes all of my free time. At work, I can't morally take time to work on QGIS (actually I am working on ESRI technology on which I can say that it is pure shit as long as you don't conform to their unique use-case of "DBA admin should be a GIS admin"). So, all of my work on QGIS is done during my free time even if I am able to spend a little bit of 10 hours per week on it !

Well, the situation is really bad in the country where I live. France is becoming more and more racist, facist and even our left government brings anti-social laws. This is disgusting and to counterbalance this, I need to focus on things that I feel are right and good for humanity. Free software is a part of this project.

Furthermore, people of the QGIS project are really good people and very talented developpers. When I am working with them I feel much more confident with humanity future.

If you want to read more about what I do, just read my github activities !

See you soon…