This blog (and my whole website) is now driven by Ikiwiki 🔗

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After 4 nights of (hard) work, I managed to migrate my Pyblosxom website to a new one. After dotclear, Serendipity and Pyblosxom, I've finally chosen ikiwiki…

Time after time, Pyblosxom was quite good for a blog but it was very painful with work in progress documents. I've decided that a wiki could be something clever to publish informations about projects I am working on without to fully reviewed articles.

Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler. It has been writen by Joey Hess, a famous Debian Developper (author of debian installer and plenty of other tools). It simply transforms markdown files to html and manage the links between all of the pages. You can use a VCS (I use Git) to add history of what has been written. It is also full of plugins to help you add very useful features. That is why I am also using it to publish a blog and keep a wiki with the same tool.

Actually, it is not a true Wiki: there is no server-side binary (or script). Everything is compiled on my workstation (any of them thanks to Git) and then uploaded as static HTML files on my web server. Perhaps will it change if I need a way to modify documents from the web.

During those days, I learned about ikiwiki configuration and took time to make the transition. It is documented in this page called "From Pyblosxom to Ikiwiki".

So please welcome this new blog and note that I have already imported (nearly) everything of the old site.